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Onion Creek in the Fall - Moab

Onion Creek in the Fall - Moab

America’s Desert Southwest

The Desert Southwest is an immense and amazing place, with so many places to explore you could easily spend several lifetimes without uncovering all of its amazing corners. It is also a place of incredible variety, offering something for just about everyone, whether it be it amazing geology, vast stretches of wilderness, immense rivers, ancient ruins, desert flora and fauna, or the unique character of  its scattered communities.

The Why, What, and What Not.

My goals in creating this site are to share my photographic journey through the region, which if I am lucky enough should last a long-long time. And if along the way I am able pass on what I have learned,  and make the journeys of others more enjoyable, then I have done what I set out to.

For the most part this site contains information based on my own personal experiences, and research. In general it  covers only places I have personally been and enjoyed, or those place I haven’t visited through show great promise.

While there are thousands of different places one might visit, I have tried to narrow this site down to what I consider the gems of the Southwest, and that generally means places that offer a view that takes your breath away.  My experience to date is mostly in southern Utah,  the greater Las Vegas area,  and the Four Corners region. So if my knowledge of certain parts of  New Mexico, Arizona, California and Nevada seems lacking, this is probably why.

I also tend to be more of a camper and a hiker, except during the off-season in Las Vegas, so I have very little knowledge of the best hotels or RV camp sites in each region.  And as I tend to park my vehicle when the ruts get bigger than my tires, I have limited knowledge of  those areas of backcountry that are not otherwise easily reached. In both cases there are plenty of online resources for both communities.

With that out of the way, I hope enjoy the photographs and the experiences I share. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, let me know.